Call for Papers: Special Issue on "Trauma: The Sierra Leone Experience"

RUF-rebel war; captivity, torture, and quarantines; public disasters, including environmental catastrophes; disease and public health crises and management; the media—silencing dissent/dissenting voices; displacement and cultural uprooting; international responses; the truth and reconciliation commissions; fambul tok; abandonment, bereavement, and Ebola burials; child abuse, domestic violence, and violence to the body, survivor guilt, witnesses and witnessing, disability, and coping strategies; medical, therapeutic, and holistic approaches; non-medical approaches–drama, dance, narrative, bibliotherapy and scriptotherapy, music, art, and digital technologies; trauma and post colonialism,  memory, national & socio-cultural perspectives, trauma studies (the interdiscipline);  individual versus collective trauma; transgenerational trauma, women and children; eyewitness testimony; trauma and visual arts—in print, on stage, screen, and in cyberspace; literature and poetry.

Submission guidelines and requirements:

Manuscripts are due June 15, 2015. Scholarly articles should be between 6000 and 9000 words long and conform to the bibliographic and reference guidelines in the field of the paper; for example, manuscripts on literary and linguistic topics should adhere to the most recent edition of the MLA Style Manual. We welcome three to five poems, not to exceed more than five total pages; fiction and one-act plays should not exceed 3000 words. All submissions should be accompanied by a 200-word abstract and a 50-word author biography. All files should be in Microsoft Word or RTF format, sent via e-mail to: or

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